Unique, sartorially handcrafted, entirely made in Italy, super cool swim shorts.
Art direction, brand identity, color direction and textile design.
" Men's swimwear handcrafted in Italy. Unconstrained elegance.

Chiaja is quintessential quality and passion for details typical of the Italian fashion heritage. A timeless design inspired by the life, colors and culture of Capri, Positano and Amalfi. 
Chiaja was founded in Naples, in the homonymous neighborhood, cradle of the Neapolitan tailor tradition. 
The word Chiaja, pronounced "kjaja", derives from the Spanish word playa, meaning beach, declined in the Neapolitan dialect and used to indicate the neighborhood that leans over the gulf sea in front of the Vesuvius volcano.
Our collections are carefully handcrafted in Italy by our skillful artisans. 
We only source the finest Italian fabrics and materials and don't compromise on quality and style.
Our mission is to export the elegance of the Neapolitan tailor tradition all over the world."
Founders: Gabriele Buonaiuto, Alessandro Sbrizzi
Website and Instagram illustrations: Vj Taganahan
Photo retouching: Martina Romano
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